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KUNA has ISO9001:2015,GB/T 19001-2015 quality management system successfully.

Addtime:2016-08-18  Addtime:

  To enhance the producing operating process, risk control, increaseprofit from investment and standard management formalization, KUNACON startedusing ISO9001 2015 quality management system in April 2016. Furthermore KUNACONhas passed ISO9001 which verified by GUARDIAN INDEPENDENT CERTIFICATION LTDat the end of July 2016. And has obtained ISO9001 2015 quality management system certificatein August 10th 2016.

  This great news proved that KUNA ContactPrecision Technology (DongGuan) CO.,Ltd.has established ISO90012015,GB/T  19001-2015quality management system successfully.This will lead KUNACON to fulfill the requirement from government's policy andwill increase not only work efficiency but also the quality of our products.After passed ISO9001 2015 quality management system, KUNACON has won customers'trust. Therefore enhance the terminal block market expansion.   

  Ever since KUNACON introducedthe quality management system, all staffs have implemented the spirit of"customer-first" , and have fulfilled every requirement from ISO9001in their daily work. In the same time KUNACON has established keep improvingpolicy, to let our management level and service quality become better andbetter. KUNACON's final goal is not only pass ISO9001, but also implemented allthe requirements into management system and daily work. Keep finding andinvestigating unstable factor, to prevent all the failing possibilities.  Therefore KUNACON is able to bring the bestservice to our customers and fulfill all the customer requirements. 

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