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Technical data 技术数据

                                              Approval  cULus  VDE

Technical data(UL/cUL) UL认证数据(UL/cUL)        Use Group应用组别BCD
Nominal voltage (V) 额定电压(V)150--
Nominal current (A) 额定电流(A)4--
Connection capacity(AWG) 接线容量(AWG)---

Technical data in accordance with IEC and VDE  技术数据,符合IEC/DIN VDE标准
Rated insulation voltage at pollution degree 2(V)额定电压/等级2160
Rated current/conductor cross-section (A/mm2) 额定电流/接线容量4/-
Solid/stranded(mm2) 单芯线(刚性)/多芯线(柔性)-
Surge voltage category/pollution degree 浪涌电压类别/污染等级III/3III/2II/2
Rated insulation voltage(V) 额定电压80160320
Rated surge voltage(kV) 额定浪涌电压1.52.52.5

Genenral data  一般参数
Screw Nut tightening torque(N.m) 法兰螺母紧固扭力-
Flange Nut thread 法兰螺纹规格-
Insulation material group 绝缘材料类型/材料组别PA66/I
Inflammblility class acc. to UL94 阻燃等级,符合UL94标准V0
Borehole diameter/pin dimensions PCB钻孔尺寸/针脚尺寸1.4/0.8*0.8